Strong Immigration Reform Leads to a Stable Economy and Safer Country

Our Position On Immigration

America was established by immigrants and has always been a nation of immigrants. Over the years, millions of people have come here in the hope that in America, you can make it if you try. Each successive wave of immigrants has contributed to our country's rich culture, economy and spirit. Like the immigrants that came before them, today's immigrants will shape their own destinies while enriching our country.

Nonetheless, our current immigration system and policies has been broken for far too long. We need comprehensive immigration reform, not just piecemeal effort and approach. We can no longer continue to allow people to enter the United States undetected, undocumented, and unchecked.  

The American people are a welcoming and generous people, but those who enter our country's borders illegally, and those who employ them, are violating the law. We must secure our borders by first enforcing our existing immigration laws for which there are many. We need to put a cap on the number of immigrants we allow to enter and apply for citizenship. We need improved reporting procedures for immigrants. We need additional personnel, infrastructure, and technology on the border and at our ports of entry. We need additional Customs and Border Protection agents equipped with better technology and real-time intelligence. By enforcing our existing laws and re-enforcing our borders and points of entry we can begin to minimize human smuggling organizations and the crime associated with this trade. We further need to crack down on employers who hire undocumented immigrants. It will continue to be a problem when we only enforce our laws against the immigrants themselves. We must put into place an accurate method or system for employers to verify whether their employees are legally eligible to work in the United States that is fair to legal workers, safeguards people's privacy, and is not used to discriminate against legal citizens and workers.

For the millions living here illegally but otherwise playing by the rules, we must require them to come out of the shadows and get right with the law. We support a system that requires undocumented immigrants who are in good standing to pay a fine, pay taxes, learn English, and go to the back of the line for the opportunity to become citizens. They are our neighbors, and we can help them become full tax-paying, law-abiding, productive members of society


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We Can Kiss the Good Ole USA Goodbye

Article originally posted in 2013

by ARP Team
posted on Saturday, August 20, 2016

Posted by Addie Blake

If whoever gets the nomination for president, and whoever gets elected president, doesn't understand that if legal status with birthright citizenship is granted to just half of the 12 million illegals, they will be a 750 million majority, with voting rights, in three generations.

Their religion/culture encourages large families (whether they can support them or not).  With an average of 5 children per family, they will go from 6 million to 30 million in one generation.  From 30 million to 150 million in two generations.  From 150 million to a 750 million majority with voting rights…

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You know you live in an Upside-down Land if…

by Don Torgersen
posted on Monday, April 02, 2012

You know you live in an Upside-down Land if...
• A Muslim officer crying "Allah Akbar" while shooting up an army base is considered to have committed "Workplace Violence" while an American citizen boasting a Ron Paul bumper sticker is classified as a "Domestic Terrorist".

You know you live in an Upside-down Land if...
• You can get arrested for expired tags on your car but not for being in the country illegally.

You know you live in an Upside-down Land if...
• Your government believes that the best way to eradicate…

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Socialism is GREAT - UNTIL you run out of other people’s money

by Louise Downing
posted on Friday, March 23, 2012


This is very interesting reading, so let's keep it going if you agree. It only takes a few days on the Internet and this will have reached 75% of the public in the USA . Seniors need to stand up for what is right, not what the politicians want or special interest groups want.

This letter was sent to Mr. Rand who is the Executive Director of AARP.

For those of you who are not seniors, that I forwarded this to, send it to your parents or others…

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Our Migrant workers Policy

by Louise Downing
posted on Thursday, October 06, 2011

Our farmers are now trying to get congress to help then get migrant workers  5 yr permits to come into this country with their families to work on the farms.
the farmers claim they will go out of business without them and our food will then have to be imported causing the price of food to go much higher.
Now with the unemployment % already very high ,there should not be any trouble for getting workers ,just go to the unemployment office and demand as many workers that are needed and if the unemployed refuse to work then…

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Border Fences are a false sense of security

by Michael Simone
posted on Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The construction of walls and fences along our southern borders to stop the problem of illegal immigration is neither a realistic or effective solution.

There is also the problem of the thousands of miles of coast line that goes unmentioned. This portion of the border is far more difficult and expensive to secure and, on which no fence or wall can be built, making it far more easier to enter this country. We have to get realistic and accept the fact that there is no fence tall enough or wide enough that we can build to keep illegal…

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