Health Care Reform in America

Our Position On Healthcare

The American people understand that good health is the foundation of individual achievement and economic prosperity. Ensuring quality, affordable health care for every single American is essential to children's education, workers' productivity and businesses' competitiveness.

We strongly believe easily accessible health care coverage for all American citizens is not just an obligation, but is necessary to making our health care system workable and affordable for all, while implementing an insurance benefit program for the impoverished and less fortunate or those suffering from long term debilitating physical and emotional effects of disease. Doing so would end cost-shifting from the uninsured, promote prevention and wellness, stop insurance discrimination, help eliminate health care disparities, and achieve savings through competition, freedom of choice, innovation, tort reform and higher quality care.

Health care industry reform must also provide adequate incentives for innovation to ensure that Americans have access to evidence-based and cost-effective health care. Research should be based on both science and ideology. For the millions of Americans and their families suffering from debilitating physical and emotional effects of disease, time is a precious commodity, and it is running out.

Unlike 'Obamacare', our party strongly opposes either a mandated or government run healthcare entitlement program.  We recognize that our government needs to intelligently address the issue and provide guidance and a suitable framework of industry regulations allowing for all Americans to receive adequate affordable healthcare coverage. Our government must take a positive and pro-active role in working side-by-side with the Insurance and health care industry to reshape its approach and policies when offering or issuing health care coverage that is affordable and readily available to all Americans. Taking this active role along with the necessary legislation to create equity within the industry will bring about the desired results of affordable healthcare to all Americans.

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by Sharon Sebastian
posted on Thursday, November 01, 2012

Under Barack Obama, America is facing an explosion of the elderly poor. The facts are in, the strategy revealed. If Barack Obama and the Democrats win the upcoming election, an ugly era of population engineering, the steady elimination of our elderly through Obamacare will lead to a crisis in humanity. In addition to Social Security, America's retirees rely on varied combinations of their savings, investments, company pensions, and Medicare for their existence, all of which are targets of Obama's war on the elderly.

During a 2008 televised political debate candidate Barack Obama was asked were he…

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Socialism is GREAT - UNTIL you run out of other people’s money

by Louise Downing
posted on Friday, March 23, 2012


This is very interesting reading, so let's keep it going if you agree. It only takes a few days on the Internet and this will have reached 75% of the public in the USA . Seniors need to stand up for what is right, not what the politicians want or special interest groups want.

This letter was sent to Mr. Rand who is the Executive Director of AARP.

For those of you who are not seniors, that I forwarded this to, send it to your parents or others…

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Our Country’s is Ridiculous in how it treats our Soldiers,

by Louise Downing
posted on Sunday, March 18, 2012

A ten year war and no end in sight! How stupid does our government think we are! Who are the fat cats that are benefiting by it? The stock market is doing ok by it but out 15 trillion in debt is really unbelievable and yet what is even worse of all is our young soldiers are dying loosing limbs, eye sight with brains that no longer function reasonably or not at all.

Our government is treating our young soldiers like the cattlemen taking their herd to slaughter! Yes I mean slaughter, that’s why we have so many soldiers committing…

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So you’re a sick senior and government says no nursing home is available

by Louise Downing
posted on Monday, September 05, 2011

So you're a sick senior citizen and the government says there is no nursing home available for you, what do you do?

Our plan gives anyone 65 years or older a gun and 4 bullets. You are allowed to shoot four Congressmen.

Of course, this means you will be sent to prison where you will get three meals a day, a roof over your head, central heating, air conditioning and all the health care you need! Need new teeth?
No problem. Need glasses? That’s great. Need…

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Is this going on in your state????

by Don Torgersen
posted on Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Remember the violent and disgusting demonstrations over Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker doing away with the collective bargaining for teacher's unions? The results are in. Some school districts went from a $400,000 deficit to a $1,300,000 surplus as a result. Why?

It seems that the insurance company that provided all the "so-called" benefits to the teachers, was an insurance company owned and operated by the teacher's union. Since they were guaranteed to get the insurance business from the teachers and the State had to pay for it, and not the teachers, they were increasing the annual costs…

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